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"Rancho Riders"


Person on Motorcyle

The Rancho California Resort Riders, "Rancho Riders" for short are people who enjoy riding motorcycles and love sharing the road with like minded folks. It has been said that it seems like all we do is ride our bikes/trikes and eat! Just know this, riding the back roads of this beautiful country takes energy and of course, that means food. So if you like riding with fun loving and grateful bikers, then the Rancho Riders may be for you. Scheduled rides are usually on Saturday mornings @ 9:00am and Wednesday mornings if the spirit moves us. Rides are usually complete by 2:00pm and will always include a wonderful breakfast or lunch and at times a cup of coffee and slice of apple pie! Interested?


Email me at and give me your name and phone number. I will add your email address to our Ranch Rider ride list.


Hope to hear from you soon.


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Claude (Muff) Wagner @ 760-580-0588

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