Picture this: You're sitting outside on the patio, enjoying your morning coffee, when you see a swooping movement against the nearby hillside. There it goes again! It's NOT the oft-seen Great White Egret, nor is it one of the resident Blue Herons. You're witnessing a morning bout of flying remote control planes (just outside our fences) by the Rancho California Aeronuts. This charter AMA club is available to Rancho California owners, guests and friends.


The flying field is currently NOT AVAILABLE, but hopefully will be again soon.  When it opens we hope to provide assembly stations, camaraderie and as one member put it, "an all-round good time!" and more.  Flyers are welcome to bring gas and electric planes, helicopters, quad and hex copters, etc. 


During those lazy afternoons, unpack your remote-control watercraft. Rancho California has numerous lakes, with calm water perfect for those RC powerboats, or enough wind to scoot a model sailboat across the pond with gusto! You might even draw a few golfers away from the course that runs through the resort, as they take a break to enjoy your small watercraft cutting its way through one of the water hazards that just claimed a ball or two from your golfing friends!


Life is good at Rancho California!


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: John Schaefer @ 909-223-7028